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No matter what faith, creed or religion, those who seek to understand the nature and reality of relationship with/experience of God, can benefit from the basic values prescribed by sages, philosophers, wise men and women and the mystics of all ages.
Many look to Jesus as the way-shower, others follow the Eight-fold Path of Buddha or the Law of Moses. In the West some have pursued the calling of St. Francis or honor the Virgin Mother; in the East they hail Maitreya, Krishna, Kwan Yin and Confucius. These and countless others have demonstrated the universal Truths behind the dogma of world religions, leaving behind a record of exemplary lives. Having attained union with God, as immortal beings, they are called Ascended Masters.
Divine messengers, teachers and angels acknowledged (no personality glorified at the human level) this activity seeks only to honor communion and community as “Coming-into-Unity” in Peace and Love for one another and all creation. Local and international interfaith gatherings are held for rituals, prayers and celebrations to encourage enlighten and nurture one another on the Sacred Path of Life.