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Tour Leaders

Rev. Donna Ruth Glory

Minister and Teacher of the Mighty Way was ordained in the Mystical Order of the Divine Presence while living in Germany.  With a foundation in Christianity and Metaphysical training as a Healer and Counselor, Rev. Glory has pursued the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and the Mystical Paths of the Worlds’ Religions in America, Europe and Asia.

Donna brings a wealth of cultural, historical and spiritual experiences to her programs and pilgrimages. Her personal mission is to teach principles of wholeness and freedom, in service to life, expressing love to all. Fluent in German, she is available as a tour guide for individuals, families and groups as well as Interfaith rituals and services.

Ixchel, Lady of the Rainbow, Spiritual Guide

Ixchel has a gypsy-spirit, living part of the year in Northern California and part in Mexico. She works with Nature and the natural rhythms and flow of life. She is a weaver of energy, bringing together people and places in a divine tapestry. Her desire is to help others discover the beauty and divinity within themselves.

Having grown up as a loner, her strong desire is to build connection and community, learning through each other to communicate and support each other in better ways.

She works with the sacred feminine and masculine and has apprenticed to lead ceremony and ritual. She teaches courses in working the principles of abundance and prosperity, understanding the energies of the Mayan Calendar.